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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 4, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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joggers and walkers to use another popular trail. police are asking everyone to stay vigilant after a teenage girl was sexually assaulted. chris joins us live with the person police want us to look out for. >> reporter: police are hoping because this attack happened with this much daylight and on a busy weekend that somebody saw something that will bring the attacker to justice. bikers and walkers are a pretty common site on the trail that runs right through the neighborhood. a 15-year-old girl was attacked. a man in jogging clothes passed her by only to return.
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>> he groped her very invasi invasively. me immediately left off. she panic and froze and called 911. police flooded the area and searched by helicopter and did not find the man the teen described to police as a white man with a medium build about 5'7" with short curly black hair. on sunday afternoon police say he was wearing a royal blue spandex shirt over blue basketball shorts and sunglasses. police say no one's reported any similar crimes in the area yet they fear it worsen again in the future. >> they start with behavior like this and escalate into something much worse. >> reporter: she came forward because she wanted to make sure this didn't happen to anyone else. freemont police are in charge of this investigation.
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we're tracking another round of rain. you can see it forming in the pacific. we're seeing a brief break but it's not going to last long. jeff joins us with the time line. >> a few showers right off to the north. we're going to hold out for heavier more accumulating rain. it's in few about 2,000 miles in the pacific. as we head throughout the day we'll see that get cloeser for us. a little bit of rainfall will be good news for us. we'll see a second storm system. we'll have the full time line on the wednesday storm when the rain begins coming up in about ten minutes. facebook wants to pay to put
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a police officer on the police force. taking a look at what could be the real motive. >> reporter: the pro poposal to have facebook pay the salary of a police officer does go before the city council. we asked is it a good idea . kids are likely to get safer soon thanks to a new officer paid for by social networking giant facebook. the park city council will meet to discuss the proposed $200,000 a year plan to fund a full-time officer. most local residents we spoke to
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hope the plan passes. >> absolutely. it's also protection for the young people. they need it. >> reporter: the plan will put an officer here for three years. largely because the officer would focus on schools not facebook. >> this so to help our community. >> facebook has shown as incredible commitment. >> reporter: we haven't seen many public-private deals the like this before. if it works out, they will likely see more in the future.
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the meeting will begin at 7:00. they likely won't get to the facebook part till as late as 9:00, so you have some time. we are following developing news out of russia right now. there's word that military officials have test fired a ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear weapon. russia says the test had been planned months ago but with tensions high because of russian's invasion of ukraine, international leaders are questioning the timing of this demonstration. as the test was taking police russian president began taking steps that could deescalate the tension including pulling russian troops back from the border. he claims the soldiers surrounding crimea are volunteers. the obama administration is questioning that statement. >> he can throw a lot of words
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out there. the facts are he's not abiding by that principle. >> russia has been working hard to create a pretense for being able to invade further. >> many in congress are ready to freeze russian assets if there's no pull out from crimea. putin said he would retailuate by holding his company's oil shipment. a teen attacked the man on saturday night. investigators say there was a late night party under way when the teens were asked to move their car. one teen began beating him and pushed him down the hill. he underwent emergency brain surgery. police did arrest a teen. because he's a minor his name is not being released. a candle light vigil for a teenage girl hit and killed by
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train. hundreds are expected to gather at martinez junior high. the 14-year-old was killed on sunday night on those railroad tracks. we'll bring you more in our 6:00 news. we most often associate post-traumatic stress disorder with troops coming back from the battlefield. more and more research indicates another group is developing ptsd. we're talking about victims of violent crimes. we investigate what happens to people after they are shot and stabbed and land in the hospital. facientes who are not treated for stress and depression may be more likely to carry weapon, leave their jobs and end up back in the health care system. a growing group of experts say the nation's hospitals need to address the epidemic of violence in our cities. >> it's the intersection between public health and gun violence. our study don't throw away the under class. we can help these folks.
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>> watch the full report about civilian trauma at 11:00. hear what some bay area hospitals are doing to end the cycle of violence. san francisco takes a strik stand against plastic water bottl bottles. the sharks are back on the ice tonight. why fans will be seeing extra security. how a new job will make you bay area proud. at 6:00, a new twist involving those gold coins found in the ground. could they have been stolen in a turn of the century heist. s an expert weighs on the theory and what it could mean for the couple that discovered it. that's new at 6:00. i was going to the library to do my homework. it took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. for some low-income families, having broadband internet is a faraway dream.
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a suspected drunk driver under arrest after he left a path of destruction. police say the driver slammed his car into several businesses near the bart station. lots of broken glass and doors. luckily no one was hurt. he is facing dui, hit and run and resisting arrest charges. san francisco's board of supervisors passed one of the strict estebest bans on bottled. the new ban will extend to large events like the outside land festival. instead of bottle, supervisors want the city to provide better access to tap water. >> bottled water is incredibly bad for the environment. it takes a plastic water bottle about a thousand years to
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biodegrade. >> plastic bottled water. better give yourself extra time and be prepared to face a little extra security at the shark tank. starting tonight fans will have to pass through metal detectors. in certain cases you might get a pat down. only small purses and bags will be allowed inside. the sharks take on the carolina hurricanes. the first game since the olympic break. we highlight the people making a positive difference in our communities. often those people had to make major career changes to make it. >> that isn't the case for man at the center of tonight's story. garvin thomas is here to tell us
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more. >> he has an impressive list of high end bay area restaurants on his resume. his latest stop is place many of us hope to never have to eat it. why he made that change and what it means for others is tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: at oakland society of st. vincent, the dining hall doors open at 10:45. before the lumpl rush is over some 800 is needed will fo longer be among its most hungry. running the largest cafe on google's mountain view campus. he sees them as much more alike than different. >> no money exchanged for the people i cook for.
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it's always the same people you see mostly on day-to-day. they take a train. >> reporter: it's not the only surprise peter has up his chef's coat. that's because he'll tell you giving man or woman a free hot meal is not the most satisfying part of his job. >> i want to go through the process of making a pizza with you. >> reporter: teaching someone how to cook that meal, that is. >> i get more satisfaction when i can train someone to be back into and have a career in culinary. >> reporter: peter runs the kitchen of champions. every 12 weeks a new group of trainees show up. they come from every conceivable background but with a common goal. get the skills to get a job and hopefully change their lives. he's one of those trainees a few
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years ago. she was able to do for 80 mrs. of last year's graduates. a record of success that sounds as good as it takes. >> being able to work with people to transform their circumstances. >> i've done a number of stories where it's food at the center of training. it does so much more. it's something about the community that food brings together and all those things that people want to learn it and really in case like this and so many others they're learning so much other than food. it's really not about the food. it's about the job skills and the people skills. it's about those things you can take and offer an employer. the food is a great place to get people in the door. >> i know.
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mpls it's asbestos 1500 miles out. the storm system is expending out ward. it's going to take some of that heaviest rainfall and push it out to the north. i'll have more on that in 45 seconds. it's mainly cloudy here throughout the bay. a little bit of humidity coming in with warmer air filtering in from the south. in san jose, the last stretch through the evening hours take a look at this. winds out of knot west at 12 miles per hour. enjoy this little window of sunshine. it's going to change. the next storm system quickly on the horizon. you can see as we head
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throughout tomorrow morning maybe a spotty shower and as we head throughout 1:00 p.m. we'll see a little bit of consistent rainfall but we'll hold off some of heaviest rain developing until about 7, 8:00 in the north bay. down toward santa clara. eventually by thursday morning we may get a bit of shower activity. the bulk of that moisture should be off toward the south. totals not very high. first we'll have the best chance of getting it. maybe about .34 there. right on down to san jose. even a .1 of an inch will be great news on that water. let's get a check here. 40% of average. obviously we'll do that in this
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rainfall. let's get you into the microclimate forecast. cloud cover will stay put. with the warmer air mass moving in from the south also humidity in the atmosphere. san jose expecting 70. the other thing you want to notice best chance of showers early on would be in napa and santa rosa. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds and expecting 70 in the trivalley. the temperature trend stays mild as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. the last part of that weekend you're not going to forget to set the clocks back or forward.
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spring forward one hour. sunrise at 6:35 today. >> all our phones automatically change now. coming up, a popular airline is cracking down on carry on luggage. the new steps passengers may have to take before boarding the plane. another red carpet event down in the south bay. that's right. good evening to you. we are having a fantastic time out here on the red carpet in san jose, california for opening night. a man who is being honored tonight. the inventer of the hand held cellular phone. we'll ask what he will do to today's phone to make them better right after this break. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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the film festival kicking off in a few hours. >> hundreds of movies will be shown over the next two weeks. we're live on the red carpet apt the film festival in san jose. you look gorgeous and so nice to have you with us this evening. >> reporter: hey, thank you. coming from the two of you, that means a lot. we're live out here. downtown san jose. all the stars are out. as you can see the red carpet is
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jumping. tonight, we have a very special honoree with us. i'd like to introduce you to marty cooper. take a look at this gentleman. he's the inventor of the hand held cellular phone. i have one question for you. all of today's phones have come a long way. what would you do to make them better? >> there's a lot of things. if do you try to make a universal phone that does everything for everyone rngs it's not going to do it. i want the phone to be simple. i want you to pick up your phone and be able to do all the things without ever reading an instruction manual. we're a long way from that. >> i loved hearing that. you think we have come so far so fast. i love hearing we're still a long way to go. tell me, if you don't mind, what kind of cell phone do you carry. >> i have a new phone every three months. this is a moto x.
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if i wiggle it, it becomes a camera. it is right now. no more of that. the phone can read your mind. i think this is the closest phone that comes to that. >> that is fantastic. it's so wonderful to have you here in the silicon valley. we all really, really appreciate what you've done and where you've taken us here. thank you. >> it's an honor to be here. it's great to be here. >> there's much pr fun to come out here. you never know who will arrive on the red carpet. stick with us on nbc bay area. back to you. >> thank you very much. united airlines is cracking down on passengers with oversized carry on bags. the airline has installed new
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bag sizers at most airports which measure bags. passengers with oversized bags have been sent back to the ticket counter where they are forced to check the bag and pay a $25 fee. united says it's enforcing rules in an effort to speed up the boarding process. travelers say it's another attempt to collect more fees. coming up, a new viral video shot during the south bay race. runners taking a detour to honor a world war ii veteran.
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the video has gone viral. the 94-year-old is cheering on runners. warming hearts of about a million people around the globe. people came running up to him, shaking his hand thanks him for all he did. >> i'm surprised. i didn't know there were that many people interested in the world war ii. it's a lot of good people. there's still a lot of good people. >> he's adorable. the annual 40k race is for veterans and their spouses. the neighbors shot the video with their smart phone after hearing the commotion outside. so many of people stopped to say hello. first it was ellen and her star studded friends trying to set a record.
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now a bay area police department wants to one up ellen's record setting selfie. the redwood city police department gathered for this photo. they said let's see how many retreats public safety can get. help us beat hollywood. best public safety pic ever. ellen's selfie became the most shared photo in twitter history with more than two million retreats in two hours. i will retreat for the city police. >> we'll all do it. we'll be back in half an hour. it's something we haven't seen in months. water spilling over reservoirs. we'll show you where this is happening in the bay area. that's tonight at 6:00. a little bit of rain coming our way as we get a look at the time line. it's going to be light to moderate activity. another system by sunday and
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also monday. we'll have more at 6:00. >> thanks for joining us. on our broadcast tonight, defiant. vladimir putin hitting back at the u.s. as secretary of state john kerry arrives in kiev. tonight the very latest on a very dicey stand-off. trouble in the air. a record number of passengers hit hard, 80,000 flight cancellations during this winter of our discontent. tonight, as we go inside the faa command center, we'll see the decision making behind it. the price you pay. a stunning new look at the cost of having a baby in america. more expensive than anywhere else in the world. and tonight why there's no rhyme or reason for it. and the surprise salute. a funny thing happened during a race in california. when the runners spotted a reason to stop. "nightly news" begins now.